How to access your gift card

When you place an order through Flare Discounts you will receive an order confirmation email, this is generally followed by a second email which contains the link/s to your purchased store cards.

If you haven't received the email that contains your card, please check your spam or junk folder.

If the email is not present, you can access the vouchers directly from your Flare Discounts account.

Follow Me.

  1. Log into your Flare account
  2. Go to: Benefits > My Benefits. Click on 'Browse discounts' or 'Continue with Web'
  3. Select "My Account" in the top right corner
  4. In the order history select the required order number, this will display the details of that specific order
  5. The link to your card(s) will be displayed within the "Redeem your cards" section, select the required card number and the card will be displayed


How long does it take to receive my store card/voucher?

Your store card/voucher can arrive in just a few minutes, but with some vendors and approvals it can take up to two business days for some cards/vouchers to be available. This means some orders placed on weekends may not available until the following week.

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