How to Purchase Store cards on the Flare Discounts Platform

Once you have completed onboarding, you have access to the Flare Benefits & Discounts Platform!

The discounts apply to electronic store cards and each retailer has their own discount offer.

For example, you can save money by buying a $100 store card, but only pay $90 for it. 



How can I purchase store cards?
Which payment methods are accepted?
Is there a transaction fee?
How can I check if I have a remaining balance on my store card?


How can I purchase store cards? 

To access the discounts you need to be logged into your Flare account.

For Web Benefits - Go to: Benefits > My Benefits. Click on 'Browse discounts' or 'Continue with Web'

For App purchases - Go to: Everyday > Shop all


1. Select which retailer you would like to purchase from and select the amount you would like to purchase.

2. Make sure you review the Retailer and Flares Terms and conditions before making your purchase

3. Check how you can spend your vouchers as not all Retailers offer Online/Instore or Both, you can check the retailers by clicking here

4. Enter your billing address and complete payment

5. You will then receive an order confirmation first with your order details, this is usually followed shortly after by a second email with the link or links to your vouchers

You can also access the store cards via your Flare discounts account history, to see how to access the store cards via the account history click here



Which payment methods are accepted? 

You can pay using a credit card or a debit card.

Is there a transaction fee?

No, Flare covers the transaction fees for you, so you save even more!

How can I check if I have a remaining balance on my store card?

From your store card email, not the order confirmation, select the store card redemption link. A web page will load that includes an option to view the current balance.

Most store cards can also be added to your Apple Wallet, where you can check your remaining balance directly from the card.


  • Resolving payment issues
    Please first confirm you are entering the correct number, expiration date, CVV and address. If the issues persist, please try using another card.
  • I have not received my voucher
    Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam folder first. Should you still be unable to locate your order, please submit a request with Flare.

Enjoy your savings!

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