I have been charged twice for the same purchase

Seeing multiple charges for a single transaction can be worrying — but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be charged multiple times.

Why do multiple charges happen?

Some companies might authorise multiple charges in error, or because of a technical problem.

These transactions will most likely be refunded/cancelled within the week.

If all the purchases are pending

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a transaction to complete, whether that's being successful or cancelled. The other pending transaction will likely cancel within the next 7 days.

If one of the purchase is completed, and the others are pending 

The funds for the confirmed transaction has been received by the business. The funds for the pending transaction will be cancel. This should happen within 7 days.

If all the purchases are completed, get in touch with the company you paid

The funds for the purchases will now be with the company you purchased with. Flare will require you to contact the company directly for a refund. If they aren't able to complete this, we can follow this up for you, you can contact our Support team here.

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