How can I add/remove funds from my Flare Mastercard?

You can add funds to your Flare Mastercard by using your unique PayID or bank transfer.
PayID is an email address linked to your Flare Mastercard account. This allows for quick and easy transfer of funds to your Flare Mastercard from you bank account.

You can locate your PayID in app by logging into your app and selecting 'Add funds'. 

Once you've added funds to your Flare Mastercard the discount will then be applied after you've made an eligible transaction.
For assistance with transferring from a specific banking institution to a PayID, further information can be found on the PayID FAQ page here.

*Please make sure to you have funds for the full purchase amount. For further information on what details to check before purchasing read here.
**Please note you will be unable to transfer or withdraw your funds from your Flare Mastercard.
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